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Self Service Renting

Our facilities are fully secured with a perimeter fence, 24 hour lighting and 24 hour surveillance video.

The units are only accessible to tenants with a unique gate code that is assigned upon renting a unit.

Renting a Unit

Units can be rented anytime at the on-site kiosk or online. A $15 processing fee and $75 performance deposit is required. The minimum rental term is one month.

Leases are a month-to-month anniversary date basis; if a unit is rented on the 23rd, the month term would end the 22nd of the following month. A lock must be utilized on each unit; tenants can purchase at the kiosk.

Reserving a Unit

A reservation is available to hold a unit for three calendar days after the date on which the reservation is made. If a unit is needed on the 15th of the month, a reservation would only be effective on the 12th of the same month; reservations cannot be made more than three days in advance of the date the unit is needed. If the unit is not rented by the third day, it will be forfeited and available for other customers.

Units can be reserved online only, this feature is not available at the on-site kiosk. A $1,000 reservation fee is required. The fee is non-refundable and does not apply to unit rent. 

Making Payments

Payment is accepted via credit/debit card. Payment is due on the first day of the new month lease for the entire month.

Recurring payments may be set-up at the on-site kiosk or in your online account.

Terminating a Lease

Leases may be terminated at any time. The $75 performance deposit is returned once the unit is vacated, swept clean, and lock removed.