Self Service Renting

Our facilities are fully secured with a perimeter fence, 24 hour lighting and 24 hour surveillance video.

The units are only accessible to tenants with a unique gate code that is assigned upon renting a unit.

Renting a Unit

Units can be rented anytime at the on-site kiosk or online. A $15 processing fee and $75 performance deposit is required. The minimum rental term is one month.

Leases are a month-to-month anniversary date basis; if a unit is rented on the 23rd, the month term would end the 22nd of the following month. A lock must be utilized on each unit; tenants can purchase at the kiosk.

Making Payments

Payment is accepted via credit/debit card. Payment is due on the first day of the new month lease for the entire month.

Recurring payments may be set-up at the on-site kiosk or in your online account.

Terminating a Lease

Leases may be terminated at any time. The $75 performance deposit is returned once the unit is vacated, swept clean, and lock removed.